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Color's Story Series


Agnieszka Kopczyńska - Kardaś

The Color’s Story series, Color’s Journey started in 2023. It is a fragment of a series of large oil paintings that is still being created, takes on its meaning and shape. Color’s Story are very strong images in colors, full of energy and courage. Three lined with each other in the order of formation show a change that happens on canvas. The shapes begin to blur and the colors go softly. It seems to me that at some point I had had enough of these sharp forms, contrasting, cutting colors. I began to draw me in softness, the whole process of emerging colors, improvisation. Of course, the most difficult is to stop the whole process at the time of the most corresponding expectations.


This presentation is only part of my work, but colors and forms, abstraction and inspiration of landscape are my topic from the beginning of creation. I experimented with various techniques, with watercolor, collage, assemblage, resin, in the latest picture I used flurescent spray paint. I am looking for a way of expressing emotions and sometimes traditional paints create too flat surface, devoid of energy.


There is more and more color on my canvases, it is a decisive element that comes to the fore. It is strength and courage. Sometimes it is stronger and sometimes weakens. Color’s Story, Color’s Journey is a story about myself, determining the awareness of the place where I am the first stages I went through.


This "today" made a long process: color combinations that spoke to me I noted in sketchbooks in the form of drawings with pastels, collages from various materials. From them, many years ago, the color history and color journey began. Collected and hidden in closed notebooks are like event and thoughts diaries. I send these colors, combinations and transitions, energy and strength and dedicate to everyone who needs it around them.

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