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"Windows" series are very colorful pictures painted with colorful inks - ecolines and watercolors on watercolor paper. The inspiration is travel, the colors of summer, sapphire water, sun and holidays.

"Windows" - in short, an escape from reality, a child's rebellion, refusal to give up dreams, helplessness and hope. The windows are presented as very colorful, vivid, luminous rectangles set against darker backgrounds. They mean longing and a dream world, as well as travel and colors. Windows resemble ready-made, open roads or spaces that you can always jump into to move to another world. Windows illustrate my sense of life, my escape from everyday life and the constant search for surprising, new inspirations. Windows are always in my memory, they remind me of open space, colors, motivate me to act, make sure I don't give up my dreams.

Windows 2

  • Agnieszka Kopczynska-Kardaś
    ecoline, watercolor on paper
    Size: 30 x 43 cm
    Year: 2017

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