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Series "Stages"

Work in the gouache technique, made with very good quality paints, protected with gouache varnish, signed, certified. It presents bold, brush strokes, clean, luminous colors that can only be achieved by experienced painters. The color is perfectly mixed, placed once, softly, gives the impression of depth and infinity. Very good image for interiors with high light intensity, but also for shaded surfaces. It brings out different halftones with every change of light. You can live with it and gaze at infinity. Perfect as a gift for a modern, stylish interior, it goes well with gray, white and beige. An unusual accent, it looks perfect framed in a wide passe-partout and a simple frame.

Stages 9

  • Agnieszka Kopczynska-Kardaś
    gouache, tempera, oil pastels
    Size: 30 x 40 cm
    Year: 2004

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