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Aliens - this is another series of pictures about everyday life, that is, things from which you cannot escape. I think it is very difficult to be aware of unacceptable everyday events and situations. It was a long process for me.

I tried to name my feelings. I wondered what everyday life consists of and how individual events that we accept and completely foreign affect my life. The most difficult are the forms of communication, fighting against exclusion and divisions. Everyone has their own foreign elements in life. Everyone has their own Aliens. The main thing is to name them.

Many textures and colors are combined in the paintings from this series. They are very colorful images, which may suggest a variety of everyday phenomena and situations. Cold colors predominate: pink, carmine, emerald, ultramarine, cobalt. Even yellow and orange are brightly colored.
All these colors indicate alien, unnatural elements that I call the title Aliens, so as not to abandon my dreams.

Tamed Aliens - Accept Aliens 4

  • Agnieszka Kopczynska-Kardaś
    Oil on canvas
    Size: 100 x 80 x 5cm
    Year: 2018

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